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5 great Illustrators to follow on Dribbble #1

I would like to highlight few great Illustrators with unique style that for sure will inspire you to create beautiful designs.
October 13, 2021
dribbble.com icon with illustrations from great illustrators

As designers, we often struggle with a lack of great ideas. Sometimes we just need the inspiration to solve a problem we are facing. Sometimes we do not want to solve problems by ourselves and we are looking for a person who will help us. I would like to share with you a few great accounts on Dribbble that will for sure give you a big amount of inspiration.

Remember to not over inspire and do not copy other's work - this is of course illegal.

Mark Rise

This author is characterized by a cool, unique line and highly contrasting colors. The fantastic expression used in his illustrations adds flavor to compositions.

Mark Rise design portfolio on Dribbble

Few samples from this author:

Mark Rise design samples

Leo Natsume

I love 3D illustrations. I believe that this is one of the coolest forms of presenting scenes and visualizations. This author knows how to do it with class and taste. He is not afraid of brave colors and compositions that create an amazing final result.

Leo Natsume design portfolio on Dribbble

Few samples from this author:

Leo Natsume design samples

Victor Korchuk

Nice classic illustrations that will for sure improve your website style. In his portfolio, you will find a bunch of great inspirations. In addition to great illustrations, you will also find well-made icon sets.

Victor Korchuk design portfolio on Dribbble

Few samples from this author:

Victor Korchuk design samples

Igor Kozak

To be honest - one of my favorite Designers on Dribbble. He always surprises me with interesting ideas and quality of workmanship. It is hard to create your own style, but he knows how to do it properly. I met him as a great creator of 2D illustrations that imitate 3D. Currently, he is also creating in real 3D space with excellent results.

Igor Kozak design portfolio on Dribbble

Few samples from this author:

Igor Kozak design samples


If you are looking for something abstract - this is the man. He creates amazing compositions that are unreal. This style creates a unique look that stands out from what you are usually see browsing trough 3D illustrations.

omaraqil design portfolio on Dribbble

Few samples from this author:

omaraqil design samples

Need illustrations for your next project?

You aren't here without a reason. If you are looking for design inspiration or you are looking for outstanding Designers to hire - you are welcome, hope this shortlist will be helpful for you. I can also suggest to check our own library of custom-made illustrations. We are specialised in 3D illustrations like 3D icons or 3D shapes for Figma which you can use in various different ways.

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Maciek Nowak

Has petrol instead of blood. Loves pizza and bananas. Working as digital designer for more than 8 years.

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