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Five tips for creating high-converting content

Do you make a lot of effort creating content but not finding any conversions? It means your content, no matter how good it was, is not getting the job done.
October 8, 2021
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So how to write good content?

The common purpose behind creating the content is that people decide to take action. If you are failing to achieve this purpose, the following steps should ensure your content turns out to be highly converting. There are of course lot of dirrerent ways to achieve quality content, especially when quality means something different in different cases. In this article we wanted to highlight few best practices that will help you drive conversion and will make your content just a bit better.

"Great content is the best sales tool in the world"
Marcus Sheridan

1. Create compelling intros

In your good old times, you probably had your English teacher who taught you about how to catch your reader. That trick is still as relevant now as it was then. You should be aware of the fact that your intro needs to follow some guidelines to ensure your page appears on top of the search engine lists. But at the same time, you must also avoid getting your reader bored before they complete reading your content.

You need to pull the reader into your content by creating some initial words that they just cannot look away from. A good piece of advice in this respect is that first write your content, and then add the intro afterward.

2. Know your audience

The next thing to understand is that your great intro would be useless if the main content looks boring to the reader. You might think that something that is boring for one person may be quite interesting for another. Yes, that’s true. But there are still certain guidelines that make sure that your content will be enjoyable for the majority of the readers.

The simplest way to compel people to read your content is by understanding what they like to read. So how would you know that? Just find out what they are sharing and talking about. Check out what were the topics on your website that people shared the most. By doing so you will learn what your next content should be about, and what you need to get rid of altogether.

3. Small and relevant ads only

It would have often happened to you that you just clicked on an article that looked interesting to you, but when you reached the website, you came across a bunch of irrelevant annoying ads that made it hard for you to even find the content. In most such cases, you will leave the website without reading the article. Similarly, a website showing the users a popup box to sign up every time they visit will deter them. So the lesson here is that you should avoid creating a website that interrupts your audience.

Only provide some little and relevant ads. The CTA buttons are important, but they should be at the top or side of your page. So they will inform them of your offer while giving them time to think and decide to come back and click on them. This is what we call permission-based marketing.

4. Make it good-looking

You might have heard people saying don’t judge a book by its cover. But that is not so true in many cases. People are often likely to choose a product that looks the most attractive to them. Your content needs to consider this fact. So you need to add high-quality images and graphics to your article that grab your reader’s attention. For example you can use our base of quality assets that will bring quality to your visual layer of your content. Do not leave space for low quality images that will make users think that you didn't have time to prepare content well.

You should also ensure that your formatting is consistent, charming, and simple. A wisely chosen font style, color, and size also greatly affect the readability of an article. However, while trying to make your article attractive, don’t forget the variety of user devices and their limitations. Use only those features that would work properly on every type of device or network.

5. Provide maximum sharing options

One of the biggest reasons for content to become high-converting is that it gets shared. So you have to provide your audience with simple and flexible ways to share your content with others. An ideal way is to put the share icons at the beginning and the end of your article. But those social media buttons are not the only thing you need to provide for sharing.

Instead of sharing the whole article, your reader may like to only share a quote or thought from your article that impressed them. These are known as sound bites that can easily be inserted into the content. What is most important from this point: make content worth sharing with others.

To sum up

There are a lot of different guidelines that will bring you closer to quality. You have to remember that on the other side there is always a human that will read your words. This little post was written just to give you simple and useful tips that will help you find the right path to well converting content.

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